Ides of March

Mar 19, 2018Fly Fishing Gear, Redfish0 comments

What is Ides in “Ides of March” anyway? My whole life I heard that saying and being a fisherman I put two and two together and deduced that it was Latin for the word WIND.

It is always so windy in March. I tend to stay inshore during this month and fish solely for the slot redfish along the banks of the inland bayou and beaches. The water is still clear but the tides tend to be high due to the prevailing South East wind pushing water against the shoreline. Therefore I look for the fish in the spots that were too shallow to fish during the winter.

The fish are generally spunky this time of year and will be actively tailing and crushing the fresh hatch of new minnows seeking refuge in the shallow water. Many times fly selection is not as crucial as presentation. If you can get it in front of a fish, it will eat. But as always, try to match the hatch.

Olive clousers and tan crabs are my go-to fly for the slot redfish. I still use my 8 wt rod because it can really punch a fly through the wind.

Now as for the Ides, it turns out that it’s just a time in Rome when all debts were settled. Well, it turns out that I have a few to be settled with a redfish and I know you do too.

Enjoy kite season and I hope to see you out there!


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